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The Great Peacemaker: The Story of the Founding of Democracy in America

PLUS… The Great Peacemaker Play. 45 pages including photos of the first performance.

This is the King Arthur, Holy Grail story for this land, filled with truth, real individuals and lives lived, then becoming legend, myth and leaving astonishment within the soul of what actually happened here – the foundational deeds to give rise to the ‘great evolutionary experiment of America’ as a land where all humanity gathers and the awakened citizens can strive to create the universal cosmic citizenry of the future. May we ultimately succeed.

The story became legend and was carried by oral tradition for over six hundred to a thousand years. I spent over a year with the stories recorded directly from some of the last faith keepers of the Iroquois confederacy that were in the UC Davis archives. In this retelling (done with the encouragement of native America friends) I took the greatest care for preserving original phrases and ideas and deeds. Rarely in the history of the world has a peaceful society lasted for any length of time much less a 1000 years. As every spiritual leader in the world today will say…. We need new thinking for the future. The Great Peacemaker declared that 1000 years ago! The New Mind… the new thinking…. to which the individuals and tribes the Peacemaker, Degandawidah, awakened would reply, “It is good, I embrace it.”

May we embrace such wisdom, critical to us all and our Mother Earth as we go forward into this coming year to find authenticity, integrity, moral conscience and compassion in every encounter. The Evil one in this story is modern in every way, subhuman and crooked in body and soul, possessed of great powers to control and over power fearful human beings. He is met with utmost courage and redeemed. The Great Peacemaker, this Christ-like figure, born of a virgin, resurrects the soul and spirit of his companion, the utterly defeated and depraved Hiawatha in the touching ceremony of redemption. This compassionate ceremony of condolences forms the heart of Iroquois ceremony to this day. Evil is transformed into service of the greater good. A far reaching story of deep spiritual significance.. the Tree of Peace was meant to shelter all those everywhere who could hear the true message of the New thinking, of Peace and courage within and without and creating the good for all people everywhere.

About the Author

Nancy Jewel Poer is known across the United States, for her lively lectures on Waldorf education, parenting, child development, the spiritual feminine, the mission of the spiritual America, and threshold work. She is considered a grandmother of the national home death movement and has helped in the founding of threshold groups across the United States.  She has written a book considered a classic in the home death movement, Living Into Dying, Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community”, which has empowered people throughout the country to care for their loved ones at death.

Nancy has served as consumer advocate on the CARE committee for creating end of life policy for the state of California. She is the producer of an award winning, full length documentary on conscious dying, “The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman” and she appears in the PBS documentary “A Family Undertaking”.  An artist as well as a writer, she has published “A Child’s First Book”,  “Mia’s Apple Tree”,  and in 2011 The Tear, A Children’s Story of Hope and Transformation When a Loved One Dies” as well as art prints and cards for children and adults. She is also the co-founder of Rudolf Steiner College, and taught there for forty years. Her courses have included the Spiritual Mission of America.  She was co-editor of special America edition for Lillipoh magazine and lectured in the national conference on The Inner America, 2009. She has taught children at all grade levels, K-12, and began three Waldorf kindergartens, the last as the founding teacher for the Cedar Springs Waldorf School in Placerville, California where she presently lives.

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