The Tear
The Tear
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The Tear

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The Tear: A Children’s Story of Transformation and Hope When a Loved One Dies

There are few stories for children that address dying and the loss that comes with death while also including the spiritual view of continuing existence after this transition. Yet many people hold this spiritual view of life and death, indeed many have experienced communication and affirmation from loved ones on the other side.

Children have responded to this book with understanding and enjoyment of the close relationship of Joey and his grandmother and their many happy activities together. The story ends with the transformation revealed in the beauty of the natural world that helps Joey realize that even with the loss of his grandmother’s physical companionship, her love is always there for him. He knowingly tells his parents that gratitude and the warm memories they have shared will keep their loving connection alive in his heart.

About the Author

Nancy Jewel Poer is known across the United States, for her lively lectures on Waldorf education, parenting, child development, the spiritual feminine, the mission of the spiritual America, and threshold work. She felt called to threshold work, first assisting with home births, and then pioneering support for home deaths in the community, which she has done for over thirty five years. Nancy is considered a grandmother of the national home death movement and has helped in the founding of threshold groups across the United States. She has written a book considered a classic in the home death movement, Living Into Dying, Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community, which has empowered people throughout the country to care for their loved ones at death.

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