Therapeutic Eurythmy for the Eyes
Therapeutic Eurythmy for the Eyes
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Therapeutic Eurythmy for the Eyes

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Therapeutic Eurythmy for the Eyes

Can therapeutic eurythmy correct faulty vision? Heal eye diseases? Alleviate computer strain? Eye specialists who have seen its results have been truly astonished! In 1924, a young doctor and gifted eurythmist, Ilse Knauer was asked by Rudolf Steiner to build up a therapy for the eyes based on anthroposophic insights. Over the years it has expanded to address a wide range of eye ailments—including: myopia, hyperopia, squinting, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, computer screen damage to the eyes, and more.

With this translation, the English-speaking world possesses an authoritative reference guide to therapeutic eurythmy for the eyes, not only for eurythmy therapists, but also for ophthalmologists, general practitioners, and all who are interested in new roads to health.

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Harold Jurgens, Peter Luborsky




January 2020






Mercury Press


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