This War is Not Inevitable

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This War is Not Inevitable: A play for two actors about the birth of the idea of the Threefold Social Organism in 1917

Michel Burton of Lightweight Theater wrote this play out of his experience in creating the much longer play “The Working of the Spirit”, a sequel to Rudolf Steiner’s four “Mystery Dramas”. In “This War is not Inevitable” Burton has gone into the Threefold Social Organism which was a major theme of that new mystery drama. Looking back to the origin of the Threefold Social Organism in 1917, Burton brings this to life through scenes and encounters that show how it began and how it was received by German political circles in that time.

Steiner’s ideas, if they had been accepted, could have shortened the war by a full year, saving millions of lives. Seeing the play is an excellent way to get to know exactly what the Threefold Social Organism is all about and to start thinking about what in it is relevant to the situation today.

About the Author

Michael Burton is based in Sydney and works as a writer, speech performer, actor, speech therapist, and voice teacher. He is the writer of the script for an international project to perform a play that follows on from the four initiation dramas of Rudolf Steiner. He gives performances in a number of countries of his one-man drama, Shakespeare and the Mystery of the Human Being (2003).

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