Bedtime Storytelling: Become Your Child's Storyteller
Bedtime Storytelling
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Bedtime Storytelling

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Bedtime Storytelling: A Collection for Parents

What is so special about telling stories? Unlike reading from a book, one’s arms are free to gesture and use props—or give a tickle. Above all, one can make eye contact and see and respond to a child’s reactions.

This collection of classic tales includes advice on how to tell stories to children—how to establish a routine, create a mood, involve children, and personalize stories. The stories are suitable for children three to seven years of age. Many are old favorites that are told regularly in kindergartens, nurseries, and schools—tales about magical creatures and exotic animals, as well as stories from everyday life. Many people believe they cannot tell stories. Beatrys Lockie, however, believes firmly that everyone is a storyteller, though it may take a little practice.


Telling Stories to Children
Why tell stories?
Getting started
Creating a mood
Angels and fairies
Animal stories
Stories for special purposes
Stories for Children Aged Three to Four
The Little Jug
The Mitten
The Pearl-grey Cockerel
The Tomten
The Easter Hare
The Star Child
The Little Star’s Search
Stories for Children Aged Five to Six
A Farm Story
How the Snowdrop Got its Colour
Hendrika’s Adventure
Miaula and the Twins
Giant Grummer’s Christmas
Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella
Joanna and the Jumble Sale
Bad Mousie
Susannah’s Bears
The Seven Ravens
The Lion and the Mouse
The Story of Beth
Erwin the Elf
Granny Glittens and her Amazing Mittens
Stories for Children Aged Six to Seven
King of the Birds
How the Zebra Got its Stripes
How the Elephant Got its Trunk
The Cat Who Walked Alone
Long-nose the Dwarf
The Square Box
A Tale of Two Children
King Grizzly Beard
Hans in Luck
The Harp with Five Strings
The Story of Ten Fingers
The Twelve Months
The Five Goats
A Tale of Nine Children
The Dog with Two Masters
A Michaelmas Story
Three’s Company

About the Author

Beatrys Lockie was born in Holland in 1927 and at an early age began telling stories to anyone who would listen. She was a class teacher at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, where stories form an integral part of teaching in the early years. She has also been a passionate gardener since childhood and tends an organic garden, which she opens each year to the public for charity. She lives in the Scottish Borders.

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