Biodynamic Greenhouse Management

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Biodynamic Greenhouse Management

This is the book that will inspire you to grow plants all year round. In this very useful resource, Heinz Grotzke, the author, draws on over forty-five years of experience to provide a comprehensive perspective, as well as practical tips on soil blends, biodynamic preparations, water, light, sanitation, and cuttings.

Based on Grotzke’s deep understanding of plant life from his many years working as a professional gardener, the text presents a straightforward explanation of practical aspects, but it is much more than just a set of dry technical instructions.

About the Author

Heinz Grotzke built and ran Meadowbrook Herb Garden in Wyoming, Rhode Island, for many years, starting in the mid-1960s. He grew herbs for retail and wholesale distribution and had facilities for making herb teas and other mixtures. Grotzke has also served on the Board of Directors for the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association. From 1968 to 1984 he was the editor of Biodynamics, the Association’s membership journal, and for many years he served as Executive Director and Treasurer of the Association.

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