The Easter Story Book

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Stories from the Grimm Brothers, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Selma Lagerlöf, and others, as well as excerpts from the gospels of Matthew and John.

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The Easter Story Book

This collection of stories, legends and folk tales reflects the season around Easter and early summer.

The stories are arranged in four parts, following the cycle of seasonal festivals, including Ascension and Whitsun. There are stories by the Grimm brothers, Tolstoy, Chekhov and Lagerlöf.

The compilation contains over thirty stories, with clear age indicators for each of them.

Table of Contents

Holy week:
The Entry into Jerusalem, From the Gospel of Matthew
Jesus Washes Hid Desciples’ Feet, From the Gospel of John
Robin Redbreast, Selma Lagerlöf (From 9 Years)
Saint Veronice, Selma Lagerlöf (From 12 Years)
The Student, Anton Chekhov (From 12 Years)

The Juniper Tree, Brothers Grimm (From 5 Years)
The Donkey, Brothers Grimm (From 5 Years)
The Children of Queen Dora, A Spanish story (From 6 years)
The Princess and the Prince Hare, A Spanish folk tale (From 6 years)
The 3 Hares, A Hindu legend (From 7 years)
The Saint and the Mountain Spirit, Maja Muntz-Koundoury (From 10 years)
The Barge-Master’s Easter J.W. Ooms (From 12 years)
The Crystal Ball, Brothers Grimm (From 12 years)
The Candle, Leo Tolstoy (From 12 years)
The easter Grace, Werner Bergengruen (From 14 years)
The Resurrection, From the Gospel of Luke
Kira Kiralina, A Romanian folk tale (From 6 years)
Kaschey the Deathless, Alexander Afanasiev (From 7 years)
The Water of Life, Alexander Afanasiev (From 7 years)
the Two Old Men, Leo Tolstoy (From 12 years)
The Devil and the Ploughman, Ernst Wiechert (From 13 years)
Sister Amelia, Gerhard Klein (From 14 years)

From Easter To Pentecost:
Offerus the Giant, Jakob Streit (From 6 years)
Busy Lizzy of Clausthal, Karl Paetow (from 7 years:
Guracasca, A Romanian folk tale (From 7 years)
The Three Poppies, A Spanish folk tale (From 7 years)
The Legend of the Hidden Icon, Anne-Monike Glasow (From 12 years)
Pentecost, Acts of the Apostles

Midsummer, Feast of ST John:
The Six Swans, Brothers Grimm (From 5 years)
The Gnome, A Swiss folk talk (From 5 years)
The Goose-Girl, Brothers Grimm (from 6 years)
The Journey to the Sun, A Slovak folk tale (From 7 years)
Maroa Roseta, A Spanish Folk Tale (From 7 years)
The Swan Prince, Jenna Oterdahl (From 8 years)
The Fire-Flower, Maja Muntz-Koundoury(from 9 years)
Faithful John, Brothers Grimm (From 9 Years)

About the Author

Ineke Verschuren has also compiled the well-known Christmas Story Book.

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Ineke Verschuren






January 2000






9 – 14 Years


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