In The Name of the New World Order

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In The Name of the New World Order: Manifestations of Decadent Powers in World Politics

Conventional wisdom tells us that present-day events are the effects of earlier material causes, and that politicians have short-term strategies that are largely opportunistic. Based on the work of the seer and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the author considers that historical happenings have a spiritual origin and that occult forces and groups, who have long-term plans for the future of humanity, work to influence world events.

Amnon Reuveni’s survey of contemporary politics, economics, and history gives fascinating insights into the geopolitical goals of such groups. Included are studies on how Bill Clinton won the presidential election, the forming of the Anglo-American alliance and the background work of Cecil Rhodes, NATO’s intentions for a new map of Europe, the plans of secret brotherhoods for a replacement of the Cold War, and the establishment of a New Holy Alliance in Europe.

About the Author

Amnon Reuveni was born in 1961 and is a writer and editor living in Switzerland.

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Nicholas Nunhofer, Terry Boardman




September 1996






Temple Lodge Press


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