The Mystery of Physical Life

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The Mystery of Physical Life

E. L. Grant Watson, an English field naturalist, zoologist, and one of England’s best-loved nature writers, spent a lifetime trying to bring nature and consciousness into a unified, holistic vision that would establish meaning in the world without losing wonder.

The questions raised by facts of nature inexplicable in terms of conventional theories, together with insights gained from a reading of Jung – as well as by a study of early Christian gnostic literature and the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner – brought him to an imaginative perception of living things based on the conviction of the presence in all things of a spiritual reality.

“Love is of man, but wisdom is of nature, and there are times when it almost seems that the author’s secret–as perhaps it will one day be the secret of a reformed scientific method–is to stand aside and let the wisdom of nature herself speak through him. “-Owen Barfield

About the Author

Elliot Lovegood Grant Watson was a writer and biologist. Among some 40 books and many essays and short stories he wrote six ‘Australian’ novels and several scientific-philosophical works that challenge Darwinism, or the mechanism of evolutionary theory, as an entire explanation for the development of life on earth.

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Owen Barfield




September 1992






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