Our Twelve Senses

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Our Twelve Senses: How Healthy Senses Refresh the Soul

Sensory overload can leave us feeling empty, or even thirsting for ever more stimulation. Our Twelve Senses is a more balanced, health-giving way of experiencing and understanding the human senses.

The author starts by appreciating the rich tapestry of not just five, but twelve senses. These are the senses of touch, life, self-movement, balance, smell, taste, vision, temperature, hearing, language, the conceptual and the ego senses.

This imaginative exploration into living with soul is based of Rudolf Steiner’s research into the senses, and offers a lucid introduction to spiritual psychology.

C O N T E N T S:

Introduction by Cheryl Sanders

1. The Sense of Touch and the Life Sense
2. The Sense of Self-movement and the Sense of Balance
3. Smell and Taste
4. Sight and Temperature Sense
5. Hearing
6. The Speech Sense, Concept Sense, and Ego Sense

Schematic Representation of the Twelve Senses
The Two Polarities for the Four Soul Senses
Hearing as the First Spiritual Sense

Appendix 1. John Davy—on Coming to Our Senses
Appendix 2. Care of the Senses—Courses in Spiritual Psychology

About the Author

Albert Soesman (born in 1914) worked as a GP and Anthroposophical doctor in The Hague from 1943 to 1983. A gifted speaker, he also held popular classes in the field of anthroposophy, human biology and Goethe’s works.

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