The Dance of the Elves

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The Dance of the Elves

Over 30 years ago, Andrew Linnell was asked by his then three-year-old son to tell him a bedtime story. Because they were camping, Andrew had neglected to take any books. The Dance of the Elves is the story that emerged. His son told the story to his friend, the daughter of Waldorf educator Elizabeth Auer, who set to work to illustrate the book, with some input from her own small children.

The story describes the concern of a group of elves during a period of no rain in their forest. It tells of the bravery of one elf, Beecher, who went to search for water to save the leaves from wilting. On his quest, this courageous elf meets many wonders of the natural world.

The sequel to this book is From the Forest to the Sea.

About the Author

Andrew Linnell is the other co-founder and CEO of MysTech. He’s been retired since 2013 after a 42-year career in the computer industry. He had been the CTO of OmegaBand in Austin, TX. and has worked at EMC, Compaq, DEC, Wang Labs, and IBM. He is also currently the president of the Boston branch of the Anthroposophical Society and a member of the School for Spiritual Science. He is the father of three and the author of two children’s books and two history books: The Hidden Heretic of the Renaissance: Leonardo and the The Uncomfortable History of Christianity.  He leads several MysTech study groups and has published four MysTech Study Guides to date.

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Elizabeth Auer

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September 2015

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Paperback, Spiralbound

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5 – 8 years

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Mercury Press


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