The Mission of Joan of Arc
The Mission of Joan of Arc
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The Mission of Joan of Arc

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The Mission of Joan of Arc

“People write biographies today without the faintest idea that great spiritual powers are at work in human history.” —Rudolf Steiner

Almost six centuries have passed since the death of Joan of Arc, but an enduring fascination with her life continues to generate new studies, adding to the huge number of books and articles on her life. Those by reputable historians and biographers have recounted the many known facts, based mostly on the surviving fifteenth-century documents. Whereas historians have firmly established Joan’s central role in expelling the English from French soil, the real mystery of her achievements remains unexplained. Moreover, Joan Edmunds contends that this key mystery cannot be resolved by relying solely on orthodox historical methods.

Basing her work on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual-scientific findings—which first revealed the true significance of Joan’s mission—Edmunds explores the mystery of the Maid of Orleans’ unique personality. She shows how, while under the guidance and direction of the Archangel Michael, and through her ultimate martyrdom, Joan of Arc was instrumental in bringing to birth the forces needed for the next vital step in human spiritual development—the emergence of the consciousness soul.

C O N T E N T S:


1. Domremy
2. Vaucouleurs
3. Chinon
4. Orléans
5. The Loire Campaign
6. Reims
7. Towards Paris
8. Victory—and Defeat
9. Capture
10. The Final Journey
11. Imprisonment
12. The Trial: Part One
13. The Trial: Part Two
14. Abjuration and Relapse
15. Martyrdom
16. Rehabilitation

Principle Sources

About the Author

Joan M. Edmunds was born in U.K. and was a member of the Theosophical Society for many years. Her lifelong quest to discover the true significance of Joan of Arc’s mission eventually led Her to study the works of Rudolf Steiner. She joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1979 and was editor of Rudolf Steiner Press in London. Now retired, she lives with her husband in West Sussex.

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