Wonders at the Veil

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Wonders at the Veil: Creating a Living Relationship with Your Loved Ones Who Have Died

“Now is the time in our spiritual evolution to create conscious, living relationships with loved ones who have died. I welcome you to this sacred, heart-opening work.” —Lynn Rollins Stull, Director, Institute for Veil Work

In Wonders at the Veil, you will discover veil work—the extraordinary spiritual practice of intentionally approaching the veil between the living and the dead to be of service to your loved ones who have died. You will learn how to penetrate the veil and forge a living connection with those you thought had traveled beyond your reach, supporting them as they journey through the spiritual realms. You will even discover ways to engage in co-creative activities with your loved ones, learning how to recognize the messages you receive from them and together bringing new creations into being on Earth that will enrich your own life and benefit humanity.

Based in part on Rudolf Steiner’s indications, author and eurythmist Lynn Stull shares in Wonders at the Veil the practices she has engaged in for nearly twenty years. Topics covered include creating a successful veil work practice, communication basics, the fundamental practice of reading to our loved ones, steps for co-creating with loved ones who have died, and eurythmy and painting exercises that facilitate connection.

About the Author

Lynn Rollins Stull is the director of the Institute for Veil work and founder of Arts2Thrive, a creative arts practice helping professionals and teams form better connections through art and eurythmy movement. She is also creator of Easing Grief, a video home study program designed to empower, educate, and support those who are interested in deepening their connection with their loved ones who have died. Lynn’s veil work journey began in 1997 after her daughter, Lara, died. Her practice of co-creating through the veil with Lara and other loved ones has led her on a path to becoming an award-winning artist and professional eurythmist.

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