Adonis Play

An Autumn Festival and Exodus from Egypt

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The traditional fall festival of Adonis is performed with growing dissension in the community, as an old form is only feebly enlivened. In addition, younger groups adhering to a more instinctual feeling for nature interrupt the festival. A clash is inevitable, and tragedy is only narrowly averted through the sincere effort of all on a purely human level — and through the experience of the central character, the Sister, which is representative for all. The healing of society’s fragmentation and religious differences is depicted in this very human drama, and thus a realistic path is shown toward creating a new Michaelmas Festival in which the true spirit of humanity triumphs. Exodus from Egypt: The historical event of Moses’ exodus from Egypt is shown in the light of an archetypal struggle that occurs increasingly in every striving human soul. It is the moment of heightened spiritual intensity when the urge to gain power is disarmed by thinking insight — the true recognition of the other.

ISBN: 9780932776136

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Sophia Walsh