Constructing the Universe Activity Books Vol. 2

A Voyage from 6 to 12: Create and Explore Geometric Patterns of Nature and Art

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This six-volume Activity Book set is a companion to the author's book A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe (HarperPerennial paperback 1995, now in its 32nd printing) which explores the first ten numbers and shapes as they appear in nature, art and science. Many people have said that they've enjoyed doing the book's geometric constructions and want more. The workbooks have a tape-binding so that they can be easily folded back to do the constructions upon, and pages are in black and white (actually, grayscale). The chapters in the Activity Books Volumes 1 and 2 are coordinated with the chapters in A Beginner's Guide and in the DVD. I suggest you read each chapter in A Beginner's Guide and watch those numbered sections of the DVD, then work with your compass in the corresponding chapter in the Activity Books. The first two Activity Books give the reader abundant hands-on experience with the geometric constructions for the numbers one through twelve, from the Circle and Vesica Piscis (Mandorla or Almond) through the regular polygons, Triangle to Dodecagon (12-corners). It's a fun and natural way to educate yourself and others about geometry, nature and art. Volumes 3 through 5 guide you to explore more geometry in nature and great worldwide art. Volume 6 allows you to explore the designs of nature, technology and art without using a geometric compass!


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