Herbs in Nutrition

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This book is based on many years of practical work in the kitchen and the study of herbs and their relationship to our food. Not only are herbs beneficial to health but their imaginative use raises once more the level of cookery to that of a creative art.

The term "nutrition" in this book has a broader meaning than the normal, formal scientific and material sense of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.; it is here meant in a far wider holistic way, taking all the senses into account also the environment in which we live and how we grow our food. Yes, the way we grow our food, is of the greatest importance for our nutrition, along with where it originates, from an animal, fish, mushroom, plant, salt. For example if we take the sugar from the plant, it makes a real difference whether sugar is extracted from the root, stem, leaf, fruit or flower (honey) as to how it nourishes the human being. The sugar from root beet, feeds the head and thinking, whereas the stem and leaf cane sugar feeds the lung, circulatory system and emotions, and the fruit, flower and honey, feeds the muscles, limbs, and will, etc. The same is true of other foods. Here it can be seen how subtle and delicate these processes are, and consequently if the way the food is grown, is mineralised and filled with subtle poisons, this brings the whole plant down into a sub-root state. Then difficulties and health problems can arise when the true "nutrition" is thrown out of balance or is laced with minerals or artificials. No matter whether they enter the food on the farm and garden or in processing, preserving, coloring, flavoring or cooking to the point it enters the mouth, the food can be thrown out of balance. Even if outwardly it appears balanced, and complete.

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