The Qualities of Time, Volume I

Contributions Towards a Modern Understanding of How the Cosmos Works in Man. Some Results of Objective Self-Observation.

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The first volume of this series, introducing all that follows, lays the groundwork for understanding experientially man’s relationship to the universe. The author, after years of exploration, determined that the cosmic realities within which we live are not of a purely physical nature, but exhibit moral and living qualities as well. – Through twelve contemplations the author artistically evokes the cosmic forces working in the zodiac and the struggles and potentials inherent in each zodiacal region. Included is an autobiographical section revealing the spiritual discoveries, and a scientific section in which the detailed findings are presented in extensive tables offering a firm foundation for this new approach to the stars by grounding it upon direct and empirical methods of research expanded to include superphysical phenomena. – Finally, there a section containing more than 120 pages of charts which intend to serve as a perpetual calendar to guide the reader on his own path of systematic self-exploration in relation to the living process of time. In the words of New Visions editor, Ed Treitler, “It is perhaps one of the most complete and spiritually aware interpretations, by a living scientist of our cosmic experience.”


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