A Healing Education

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A Healing Education: How can education help to provide a healthy life for children today?


Dr. Michaela Glöckler begins by focusing on the “pedagogical law” as suggested by Rudolf Steiner in his lecture course Education for Special Needs. She illumines the comprehensiveness of that law—the insight it offers into the functions of our fourfold human nature and the karmic effects of our fourfold activity from one life to another.

She then takes us on a path that starts with the physical body, pointing to some of the wonders of embryological development, and then brings to our consciousness further growth rhythms of the brain and other organs. She demonstrates the difference between human and animal and shows how, in animals, wisdom and intelligence have formed the physical body and express themselves through instinct.

Dr. Michaela Glöckler opens new doors of understanding for teachers that lead to a deeper understanding of the significance of releasing intelligence from the body for human development.

C O N T E N T S:

1. The Pedagogical Law and its Expression in Karma and Reincarnation
2. The Image Character and Language of the Physical Body
3. The Metamorphosis of Growth Forces into Intellectual Forces and the Rhythmic Nature of Astral Activity
4. The Ego Organization as the Great Integrator

About the Author

Dr. Michaela Glöckler has been Leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland since 1988. She attended the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, then studied German language, literature, and history in Freiburg and Heidelberg. She studied medicine in Tübingen and Marburg and trained as a pediatrician at the community hospital in Herdecke and at the Bochum University Pediatric Clinic. Until 1988 she was a colleague in the children’s outpatient clinic at the Community Hospital in Herdecke and served as school doctor for the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten, Germany. Michaela has many publications in German, many of which have been published in English.

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