Agriculture of Tomorrow

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Agriculture of Tomorrow

Although this book is written primarily for Farmers and Gardeners, it will also prove useful to Doctors, Homoeopathic Doctors, Chemists, Physicists and Teachers – in fact anyone who is interested in studying the interplay of earthly and cosmic forces.

Its style is simple and straight forward and it is generously illustrated so that the reader may follow the various arguments with ease.

Since the reissue in 1978 of the hardback edition of Agriculture of Tomorrow there has been a great deal of interest from all over the world.

About the Author

Eugen Kolisko and Lili Kolisko were homeopathic agriculture pioneers who worked at Rudolf Steiner’s Biological Institute of the Goetheanum in Stuttgart, where Lili studied the function of the spleen, and on proving the high dilutions in homeopathic remedies, Foot and Mouth disease, studies on coffee which led to a treatment for Foot and Mouth disease. They were both orthodox physicians who converted to homeopathy, and working with Rudolf Steiner, the Koliskos did the pioneering work on homeopathic dilutions that led to Anthroposophical medicine and to Agro-homeopathy.

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Buy it on: Kolisko Archive Publications
Borrow it from: Rudolf Steiner Library
Download it from: Rex Research

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