Beholding the Nature of Reality

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Beholding the Nature of Reality: Possibility of Spiritual Community

The central theme of these essays is this: that we can creatively participate in what can be called ‘reality-in-becoming.’ But to do so requires using our will and strength to sustain and embrace a certain kind of inner tension which surfaces when we find ourselves within the activity of reconciling and integrating the contradictions between the poles of the soul-spiritual and the empirical-sensorial, between idealism and dogmatism, between the arrogance that ‘it all depends on us’ and a passive belief that our destiny is predetermined-by divine powers or a calculable physical-material course of events. We can witness the sphere in which the manifesting events prepare themselves, we can experience our own witnessing, and within this witnessing we can experience our freedom to change perspectives-with the consequence that different options are offered for our manifesting will, the choice of which can in turn change the quality and direction of the course of events. -FROM THE PREFACE –

About the Author

Friedemann Schwarzkopf was a lecturer, translator, and writer, focusing on aspects of Anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner. He has translated works of Georg Kühlewind and is the author of Metamorphosis of the Given.

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