Celtic Wonder Tales

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Celtic Wonder Tales and Other stories

“From childhood I heard tales of ghosts, banshees, haunted castles, mischievous and friendly sprites, snatches of ballads, and political arguments … It was not until I came to Dublin and met Standish O’Grady, A.E., and Kuno Meyer that I realized what a heritage waited for me in Celtic literature. I read every translation I could get, learned Irish, and betook myself to Gaelic Ireland where, by turf fires, I could hear the poems of the Fianna recited by folk who had heard the faery music and had danced in faery circles …” -Ella Young

This is a wonderful collection of tales from Ella Young’s classic re-telling of Celtic stories, selected from Celtic Wonder Tales, The Wonder Smith and His Son, The Tangle-Coated Horse and The Unicorn with Silver Shoes. Children aged 7-12 years old will be enchanted by the magical, mysterious stories.

Table of Contents

From Celtic Wonder Tales:
— The Earth-Shapers
— The Spear of Victory
— The Cow of Plenty
— The Coming of Lugh
— The Eric-Fine of Lugh
— The Great Battle
— Inisfail
— The Golden Fly
— The Children of Lir
— The Luck-Child
— Conary Mor

From The Wonder Smith and his Son:
— How the Gubbaun Saor Gof his Trade
— How the Gubbaun Proved himself
— How the Gubbaun Saor got his Son
— How the Gubbaun Tried his Hand at Match-Making
— How the Son of the Gubbaun Met with Good Luck
— How the Gubbaun Saor Welcomes Home his Daughter
— How the Gubbaun Quarelled with Aunya, and What Came Of It
— How the Son of the Gubbaun Saor Talked with Lords from a Strange Country
— The Building of Balor’s Dun
— How the Djinn out of Balor’s Country Brought a Message to Aunya
— The Embassy of Balor’s Son
— The Gubbaun Saor’s Feast
— How the Gubbaun Saor Went into the Country of the Ever-Young
— The Great Piast

From The Tangle-Coated Horse:
— A Night of the Nights
— The Moon-Bowl
— The Silver Pool
— The Treasure-Wallt
— The Lordship of the Fianna
— The Tangle-Coated Horse

From The Unicorn with Silver Shoes
— Three Golden Apples
— The Unicorn with Silver Shoes

Author’s note

About the Author

Ella Young was born in 1867 in the little village of Feenagh, County Antrim. She died in California in 1956.

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September 2001






7 – 12 years


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