Choices of Love

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Choices of Love

Ever since her early days at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Dorothy Maclean has been helping people attune to nature and connect with their inner divinity. Now, in Choices of Love, she discusses the nature of divine love and how each of us can avail ourselves of its power to enrich any aspect of our lives.

The immensity of divine love, how to contact it, the nature of the Divine, blocks to understanding, the nature of good and evil, and the angelic world of nature and of human groupings such as cities, states, and nations, are among the topics Dorothy Maclean addresses. Choices of Love will leave you with a clearer understanding of yourself and of the universal love in which we all participate.

C O N T E N T S:



1. The Beloved
2. Polarities and Choices
3. Love’s Qualities


4. Souls of Nature
5. National Identity
6. Souls of Countries
7. Souls of Cities
8. Psychic Dimensions
9. In Praise of Love


About the Author

Dorothy Maclean a founder of the Findhorn community in Scotland. Her contacts there—what she came to see as the devic, or angelic, realms that “over-light” all aspects of existence—helped its legendary gardens flourish in a most unpromising climate and soil. Many of the messages from devas were first published in several books and pamphlets from Findhorn. Her autobiography, To Hear the Angels Sing, contains many of her communications with not only the plant essences, but also the elemental essences of minerals, animals and groups of humans.

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