Crying and Restlessness in Babies

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Crying and Restlessness in Babies: A Parent’s Guide to Natural Sleeping

Every parent knows the sound of a baby who won’t settle down to sleep. Crying and restlessness, especially in young babies, can be both distressing and tiring.

Ria Blom is an expert in swaddling — ways of wrapping babies securely, to help them relax naturally into sleep. Swaddling works by inducing a sense of safety and comfort in the baby — and it can work wonders for the parent as well!

Ria Blom’s ideas are increasingly being implemented in health centres and hospitals in the Netherlands, and have seen a remarkable 42% in reduction in crying after one week of using her techniques, and 50% after two weeks.

This book offers quick solutions for parents under immediate stress, as well as plenty of background information about sleeping patterns and baby routines.

About the Author

Ria Blom, born 1949, has worked at the anthroposophical health centre in Utrecht since 1985. Since 1994 she has specialized in and researched the effects of swaddling on restlessness in young children.

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