Farms of Tomorrow Revisited
Farms of Tomorrow Revisited
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Farms of Tomorrow Revisited

Community-Supported Farms - Farm-Supported Communities

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Farms of Tomorrow Revisited: Community-Supported Farms – Farm-Supported Communities

This timely sequel to Farms of Tomorrow, the popular inspirational blueprint for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is set to guide this rapidly growing movement to the next stage of its development. The authors provide very practical examples and information that will be of service to growers and shareholders alike without losing sight of the heart and excitement that makes CSA central to the renewal of agriculture.

Added to the material from the original edition are two new essays by Trauger Groh dealing with the economic, legal and spiritual questions surrounding the CSA movement, and the role of domestic animals on CSA farms, while Steven McFadden contributes several new pieces on the context and scope of community farms. New profiles of five farms are included, and the farm “biographies” from the 1990 first edition are reprinted and updated with reports on their present situations and lessons learned during the intervening years.

Expanded appendices provide suggestions for starting CSA farms, look at the issues surrounding the acquisition and holding of land, illustrate sample farm prospects and budgets, and offer lengthy lists of resources and suggestions for additional reading.

About the Author

Trauger Groh (1932–2016)  is remembered around the world for his pioneering work in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). He first learned about CSAs and land trusts while working at Buschberghof in Northern Germany. Then he partnered with Lincoln Geiger and Anthony Graham in 1986 to establish Temple-Wilton Community Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire – one of the oldest continuously operating CSAs in the United States.

Steven McFadden is a journalist who documents a variety of CSAs (Community-Supported Agriculture farms) and historical movements that have impacted the CSA movement. He is the author of more than a dozen nonfiction books, including Profiles in Wisdom and Tales of the Whirling Rainbow.

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