Find the Right Door with Me

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Large Sized Advent Calendar

16 inches in diameter

A special Advent calendar with 47 doors!

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Find the Right Door with Me: Large Advent Calendar

An advent calendar to set up or hang up with 47 doors to open!

Smaller children have no relation to numbers at all. They cannot read the numbers on the doors of the advent calendar without help. The Advent calendar by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann solves this problem in a simple and creative way. This calendar has twice as many doors as the conventional Advent calendar (with one exception: Christmas Eve), i.e. 47 little doors.

If you open one of the windows in the lower area in any order, you will find a picture from the upper part, behind which the actual day motif is hidden. This makes searching and finding even more fun and you can’t go wrong.

Illustrated by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann

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Weight 25.5 oz
Dimensions 16.75 × 0.1 × 16.75 in


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