Saint Odelia

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Saint Odelia: Through Darkness and Into the Light

This is a stunning retelling of an ancient story of a remarkable woman. Early Christianity has many tales of unusual people who were moved to change by their contact with Christ; none, however, are as moving as this story! A baby girl born blind, left to die by her impatient father, raised by sisters in a nearby convent, grows to be thirteen and when baptized, regains her sight. She goes to confront her father and a powerful battle of strong wills ensues. This is a wonderful tale for the young filled with touching moments and evidence of the transformative power of love.

About the Author

Jakob Streit grew up in Spiez, Switzerland, a district to which Irish monks brought Christianity more than a thousand years ago. He studied natural history and the history of art. He is a teacher in child and adult education.

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April 2015






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