The Search for Identity (Used)
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The Search for Identity (Used)

$ 40.00

Used Condition: Good, some cover wear

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Each of us at some time must ponder questions of our true identity and our responsibility towards life. Is the importance of life diminished if we do not die once and for all but go through death over and over again?

The author shows that the Christian understanding of rebirth or reincarnation demands that we begin to perceive its laws active in daily life. In learning to free ourselves from identification we can with our experience discover an evolving ‘I’ beyond out temporary state of consciousness, our sense impressions and our possessions. This ‘I’ makes itself known to us in the voice of conscience, leading to a new resolution, a new identification. In freedom it releases us and binds us again. So it is with reincarnation: conscience leads us into death and after death into the resolution to be reborn, with new abilities.

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