The Mysteries of Technology Study Guide for Beginners
The Mysteries of Technology Study Guide for Beginners
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The Mysteries of Technology Study Guide for Beginners

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MysTech is a play on words and expressions. The word MysTech is derived from the combination of the first letters of the Mysteries of Technology. But the name can also be derived from that challenge caused by the unexpectedly bad results from a mis-application of technology.

The MysTech organization supports not only educational programs such as this study group, but also publications including a biannual Journal and a newsletter for members and friends. It resides within Seattle’s Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors ( whose 501c3 status and its basis in Threefolding strengthen and serve MysTech’s goals ( MysTech intends to cultivate the ground both in the human soul and in industry whereby a healthy mechanical occultism can be realized. Toward that goal, MysTech expects to establish a research capability as well as an engineering center. Likely such a center will be within or in association with a university. Proceeds from the sale of this book funds MysTech’s research efforts.

This book is intended to guide students through the key lectures Rudolf Steiner gave regarding the future interaction of mankind with machines. This study guide is intended for groups or individuals wishing to come to an understanding of this future foreseen by Steiner. For some, this vision of the future may seem grim, even revolting, or sound much like Matthew 24.

Such a future envisioned will not be like the world in which cultural and social life currently exists. New illnesses may arise. Human capacities may weaken unless counter-balances are achieved. MysTech sees its role in society to deliver such counter-balances. It may advocate for moral change or for health protections but it does not seek to participate in the political process. It welcomes all seeking this same goal regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion.

Content for each in the following list is provided for each session.

  • Theme
  • Introduction,
  • Lecture(s) with References,
  • Study Material,
  • Commentary
  • Questions intended to stimulate study group conversation

The study can be done daily for an individual but it will be best with a group meeting according to a weekly rhythm.

– From the Introduction

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Andrew Linnell


May 2019






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