Treasures of Biblical Research and the Conscience of the Times

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Treasures of Biblical Research and the Conscience of the Times


The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Search for the Essenes

Christianity as a Mystical Fact and the Riddle of Essenism

Zarathustra and the Doctrine of the Two Messiahs

The Teaching of Righteousness

Nazarenes and Nazareth

The Michael Message of the Essenes

About the Author

Friedrich Hiebel (1903-1989) graduated from the School of Kremsmünster Abbey. In 1921 he met Rudolf Steiner, at whose suggestion he studied history at Vienna University. He took his doctorate there in 1928 with his thesis on Wilhelm von Schütz. From 1929 he worked as a teacher at the Waldorf School in Essen, first, then from 1930 in Stuttgart and from 1934 in Vienna, as an editor for the journal Art Education. In 1939, Hiebel emigrated to the United States and for the next seven years was in New York as a Waldorf teacher and editor of Education as an Art, then worked as a lecturer and professor at several universities. In 1945 Hiebel married the sculptor Beulah Emmet. They had two children.

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