Acts of the Heart

Culture-Building, Soul-Researching

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"The introductions collected in this volume are not the usual dry outlines of some stranger’s books. What you will discover is the soul of those books. More important, you will discover the imagination and vision of Robert Sardello…. If your heart and spirit long for a way to participate in the building of the Earth’s future, you will find a guiding partner in the writings of this visionary man." —John Lee (from his foreword) – In these introductions, Robert Sardello introduces us to many people we may not otherwise have met and introduces us to many ways of being and thinking, which we didn’t know before. The range of those we meet in these pages is staggering. At the same time, there is a sweet harmony and ever-unfolding deepening of a single theme. Miraculously, it pervades and shapes the entire sequence of those whom he presents, even though he often wrote in response to a request, and not initially on his own initiative. He writes of matters with which he has made a deep friendship, and out of that friendship he has received and participated in a communion of ideas. He is able to do this because he has entered the aspiration of those he is introducing at the deepest level, making their insights his own, and deepening them in his own way. – An introduction conveys a particular soul capacity. For Robert Sardello, “soul capacities” are of the essence of what he calls Spiritual Psychology. Together with the worlds and beings to which they correspond, it is such capacities that make us human and enable us to fulfill our human tasks. Reading these introductions is an astonishing experience. Within their short, individual compasses, they allow us to participate in Robert’s own journey: to catch, as it were, the bird in flight and fly with it. That is, they map his journey—at least, that portion of it that began to unfold as his destiny began to crystallize.

ISBN: 9781584201120

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November 30, 2011