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April’s Magical World and Her Joy for Living Slow (Large Edition)

A celebration for slow-paced living, April’s Magical World introduces us to a joyful childhood filled with play in nature, a free and wild imagination, and interconnectedness to all living beings.
Featuring a handy set of ideas to play and have fun outdoors.

April’s Magical World is the first in a series of picture books to bring to life all the creativity that came during dinner table conversations with Abril, the 5-year-old girl who inspired these stories.

This book, and those which are to follow, speak about the blessings of a slow-paced childhood, where just BEING in the present moment is a lesson that children can teach their parents. Moments such as stopping on the way to school to pick up a stone that looks like a dinosaur egg, or feeling free and safe to play outside, exploring, discovering, learning at every step of the journey. Feeling loved and accepted when speaking about imaginary friends, making mistakes without feeling judged, making art or song, playing till the end of the day and appreciating nature. These are just some of the things that make a child’s heart sing with happiness.

Note: There are 2 different printed editions of this title. This edition which we are selling is the larger one at 10 inches square. This book is also available through Amazon but please note the size is smaller, at under 8.5 inches square.

About the Author

Kizzy Petit is an independent publisher of children’s books and author who encourages a slow-paced childhood in tune with nature and imagination. Her book “April’s Magical World and her joy for living slow” is the first one of a series of Stories of an Unhurried Childhood, which is beautifully presented through vibrant watercolor illustrations and fun rhyming stories that have taken children into the wonders of enjoying life as it is right now, in the present moment. She has a Journalist and Marketing background as well as teaching experience.

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