Between Form and Freedom

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Between Form and Freedom: Being a Teenager

Between Form and Freedom offers a wealth of insights about teenagers and a compassionate, intelligent, and intuitive look into the minds of children and adolescents. Betty Staley explores the nature of adolescence and considers teenagers’ needs in relation to family, friends, schools, love, and the arts. She also deals with issues of stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorders.

Since its first publication in 1988, Between Form and Freedom has been reprinted many times and has been published in several languages. This is a valuable guide and inspiration for all parents of teenagers.

About the Author

Betty K. Staley was born in 1938 in the Bronx, New York, attended City University of New York, graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in psychology and a minor in history. She received her Waldorf teacher training at the Michael Hall Teacher Training Course, Sussex, England. She earned her MA in education at St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California. Ms. Staley began her Waldorf teaching at the Sacramento Waldorf School as a kindergarten substi­tute and handwork teacher, and then became a class teacher from 5th through 8th grade before returning to take a 7th grade, which became the first high school class, graduating in 1978. She guided the high school and taught in it full-time for nineteen years. Ms. Staley a founder of Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, California. She has been a consultant and guide to Waldorf teachers, both in independent Waldorf schools and in Waldorf methods public schools, and for teachers of at-risk students. A worldwide lecturer on child and adolescent development, multiculturalism, and Waldorf education, Ms. Staley is thus far the author of five books: Tapestries: Weaving Life’s Journey (1997); Soul Weaving: How to Shape Your Destiny and Inspire Your Dreams (2000); Between Form and Freedom: A practical Guide to the Teenage Years (2009); and Africa: A Teacher’s Guide (2017, 2021).

Joseph Chilton Pearce (1926–2016) taught college humanities until the mid-1960s, and thereafter devoted himself to lecturing and writing on human development and child development. He is best known for The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality (1971); Magical Child: Rediscovering Nature’s Plan for Our Children (1977); Evolution’s End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence (1992); Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart (2007) and The Heart–Mind Matrix: How the Heart Can Teach the Mind New Ways to Think (2012). Pearce died in August 2016 at the age of 90.

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