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The Clockwise House System: A True Foundation for Sidereal and Tropical Astrology

Jacques Dorsan was the leading pioneer of sidereal astrology in France. Using more than eighty sidereal horoscopes, this book illustrates Dorsan’s clockwise house system. Most of the charts are from the original French edition, with many more added in this edition. The book embodies one of the most important astrological discoveries of twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Astrology normally views the twelve houses in astrology in a counterclockwise direction, the direction of the zodiac signs. According to Jacques Dorsan, however, we should view them in a clockwise direction.

Traditionally, Western astrologers have interpreted the houses as though they rotate in the same, counterclockwise direction as the zodiac signs. According to Jacques Dorsan, however, the houses are enumerated in a clockwise direction, following the daily diurnal motion of the Sun, for example. By using the clockwise house system together with the sidereal zodiac, everything suddenly falls into place astrologically when looking at a horoscope. This key unlocks the mystery of the horoscope. Thanks to Jacques Dorsan, we finally have access to a true form of astrology—based on the sidereal zodiac and utilizing the clockwise house system—enabling a giant leap forward in the practice of astrology. It allows us to recover the original astrology. This is possible today because of Rudolf Steiner’s indications, as well as the research of the French statistician Michel Gauquelin, who investigated hundreds of thousands of horoscopes and confirmed that the astrological houses run in a clockwise direction.

This English translation includes more than eighty charts, both those in the Jacques Dorsan’s original work in French and more added by the editor of this edition. The clockwise house system is applied in this book using sidereal horoscopes. It can just as easily be applied using tropical horoscopes.

The Clockwise House System is an invaluable addition to the literature of modern astrology, allowing open-minded readers a unique and profound look at the new and limitless possibilities of this powerful tool of spiritual growth and understanding.

C O N T E N T S:

Index of Charts
Preface to the English Edition
Editor’s Introduction

1: Introduction
2: Cosmography
3: History
4: The Four Quadrants
5: Octuple Division
6: Analogy
7: Statistics
8: The Meanings of the Twelve Houses
9 The Ten Planets in the Houses
10: Illustrations of the Theory
11: Observations and Miscellaneous Applications
12: Paradoxes Corrected


This book is a translation from French of Le véritable sens des maisons astrologiques Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1984.

About the Author

Jacques Dorsan was born December 22, 1912, in Orléans, France. In 1936, he moved to the Ivory Coast, where he drew his first horoscope with his index finger on the sand at Grand Bassam beach a little before sunrise, when the planet Mercury was visible. It took him more than seven years before he began to do consultations. Fourteen years later, after intense practice in Brazil and before returning to France, he had become convinced that the houses actually move in the direction opposite the zodiacal signs. He put his idea to the test for more than twenty years before publishing the original version of his book Le véritable sens des maisons astrologiques (1984), now published in English by Lindisfarne Books. Jacques Dorsan also lived in Morocco, New York City, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Zaire, and New Caledonia. He died September 8, 2005, in Nice, survived by his wife.

Wain Farrants discovered astrology (both tropical and sidereal) and Anthroposophy during his first years at the University of Toronto. After completing a BSc in psychology and mathematics, he spent more than three years teaching math at a secondary school in Mochudi, Botswana. Later, he traveled to England, where he became a biodynamic gardener in a Camphill Community for disabled adults in the North York Moors National Park. After a few years there, he assumed responsibility for the Botton Village Bookshop. He edited and coedited numerous books by Karl König, Peter Roth, Baruch Urieli, Peter Tradowsky, and Andrea Damico Gibson, and contributed a number of articles to the Christian Star Calendar. He also had considerable experience of a wide variety of orthodox, complementary medical, and alternative therapies. Wain died January 19, 2014, at the age of 65.

ROBERT POWELL, PhD, is an internationally known lecturer, author, eurythmist, and movement therapist. He is founder of the Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, and cofounder of the Sophia Foundation of North America. He received his doctorate for his thesis The History of the Zodiac, available as a book from Sophia Academic Press. He is the author and coauthor of numerous work, including The Sophia Teachings (a six-tape series), as well as numerous books on star wisdom (Astrosophy), the divine feminine (Sophia), the Christian Mysteries, and sacred movement. He has also been a contributing editor of the annual journal Star Wisdom. He translated the spiritual classic Meditations on the Tarot and co-translated Valentin Tomberg’s Lazarus, Come Forth! Robert teaches a gentle form of healing movement: the sacred dance of eurythmy, as well as the Cosmic Dances of the Planets and signs of the zodiac. Through the Sophia Grail Circle, Robert facilitates sacred celebrations dedicated to the Divine Feminine. He has also offered numerous workshops in Europe and Australia, and with Karen Rivers, cofounder of the Sophia Foundation, and has led pilgrimages to the world’s sacred sites since 1996.

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