The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book
The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book
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The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book

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The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book

This collection of stories is based upon tales told by the Buddha to his monks 2,500 years ago. Isabel Wyatt’s enchanting retelling conjures up a rich world of Eastern legend, ruled by courtly kings and sages and populated by brave princes, faithful elephants, and cunning monkeys. The stories tell of great adventures and heroes, of danger and courage, and, most important, of how wisdom and thoughtfulness always triumph over selfishness and greed.

The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book was compiled for children around the age of eight—children who are embarking increasingly on their own adventures in life and learning to become smart and courageous.

C O N T E N T S:

The Prince Who Ate Swords
How Milk-White Flew
The Lame Cat and the Potter
The King’s Friend
The Ape-king
The Sneeze that Won a Wife
Prince Bowman
Monkey Fat
The Lotus Garland
The Boy Who Found Water
The Speech of Beasts
Prince Grit-in-the-Eye
Rats at the Lute
Prince Sun and Princess Moon
Big Sage and Little Sage
The Four Dangers

About the Author

Isabel Wyatt (1901–1992) was born in England and spent many years teaching young children. Until her retirement in 1965, she was codirector of studies at Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire. She wrote numerous books for children.

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