Fairy Tales and Art Mirrored in Human Consciousness

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Fairy Tales and Art Mirrored in Human Consciousness

If you are a teacher, parent, or friend of the Waldorf school movement and would like to know why the role of the fairy tale is so important in the earliest years of Waldorf School, please consider opening this book. Within you will discover the wisdom that lies behind the imagery, symbolism, and events woven into classic fairy tales, as well as the relationship between the history of story and of visual art, and how together they reveal volumes about human consciousness and the Spiritual mission of humankind.

Monica Gold explains the great importance of these pictures being brought and shared with the souls of the little folk in particular, who live in the world of imagination and how the stories “offer the seeds of guidance for balanced growth and well being.” We are also invited to take a closer look into the world of the small child through a study of their drawings, and how, like fairy tales, they create images rich with metaphor. We can see in these pictures how the child incarnates and develops, and are invited to witness the world of cosmic consciousness, the source from where the fairy tale originates.

If you have wondered how there can be meaning in such simple stories, or whether stories with such scary characters are really appropriate for children – or why there seems to be a growing fascination in Hollywood and popular culture with fairy tales these days – this book will surely guide you to the wisest answers.

“This is an extraordinary book: it weaves together fairy tales, children’s drawings, and the history of art with the deepest questions of spiritual development of man and mankind.” –Thomas H. Meyer



1. Little Red Riding Hood

    • Human Evolution Mirrored in Works of Art
    • Little Red Riding Hood: A Fairy Tale from the Brothers Grimm
    • Children’s Creative Drawings Recall the Past
    • Children’s Creative Drawings and Paintings Reveal Truths
    • Mankind Is Free to Choose between Good and Evil

2. The Little Golden Box

    • The Reality of Angels
    • The Little Golden Box By Herbert Hahn (according to an inspiration from John the Damascus)
    • The Fourfold Human Being
    • Reincarnation and Karma in a Fairy Tale

3. The Firebird

    • The Firebird: A Russian Fairy Tale
    • A Human Ego Expresses Itself through Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
    • The Reality of a Higher Self
    • Three Mothers, Three Grandmothers, and Nine Brothers
    • A New Look at the Zodiac
    • Sun and Moon, Gold and Silver
    • The Secret of Numbers
    • Character Traits that Live within Us
    • The Firebird as an Imagination of the Will
    • Building a Bridge to the Supersensible World
    • Overcoming Evil
    • Relinquishing One’s Will to the Hierarchy
    • A Glimpse into the Future: Humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy

4. The Fisher-Prince with the Silver Apple

    • The Fisher-Prince with the Silver Apple By Isabel Wyatt
    • The Moon and Silver
    • Mankind’s Return to the Spiritual World
    • In Every Human Being Lives a Prince
    • Imaginations Are Living Pictures
    • The Blood-Red Calf, the Fire-Colored Lion-Cub, and the Fledgling Eagle
    • The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Angel in the Zodiac
    • Harmonizing Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
    • Ego Development and Shooting Stars
    • Transformation of the Soul Faculties: Thinking, Feeling, and Willing

5. The Crystal Ball and the Silver Saucer

    • The Crystal Ball and the Silver Saucer: A Russian Fairy Tale
    • The Shepherd Boy as the Representative of an Awakened Will
    • Clairvoyance through Heart Forces: the Youngest Daughter
    • The Water of Life
    • Rudolf Steiner’s Artistic Rendering of the Threefold Human Being
    • The Incarnation of the Ego
    • The People of the Christ
    • Russian and Middle European Churches
    • The Heart- and the Head-Forces Will Unite in the Future
    • Works of Art Express the Future

6. Bashtchelik or True Steel

    • Bashtchelik or True Steel: A Serbian Fairy Tale
    • Faith, Love, and Hope
    • Physical and Moral Strength
    • Searching for the Self and Conquering Fears
    • The Archangel Michael, Lucifer and Ahriman
    • The Need for Courage and Humility
    • Newly-Awakened Consciousness

Endnotes and Illustrations

About The Author

Monica Gold was born in Germany in 1935. She attended Waldorf school, and in the course of her life trained as a secretary and a Waldorf teacher, as well as an anthroposophical art therapist. She taught for ten years at Iowa State University and received a BA from the University of British Columbia. After reading Rudolf Steiner’s basic books, she dedicated her life to teaching children, youth, and adults in Canada and Russia. Monica is married and lives with her husband in Vancouver. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.

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