Mani, His Life and Work

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Mani, His Life and Work: Transforming Evil

Mani, the founder of the spiritual movement that has come to be called “Manichaeism,” established an influential teaching that spread swiftly across Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe, but was later brutally suppressed. Little was known about this “Gnostic” religion until archaeological findings in the twentieth century revealed important aspects of Mani’s biography and philosophical thought.

Many years before those physical discoveries, Rudolf Steiner provided key esoteric insights based on his personal spiritual-scientific research, into Mani’s life and work. Richard Seddon assembles pieces of the academic and esoteric puzzle, offering a lively and colorful picture of Mani and Manichaeism. He gives a succinct outline of Mani’s life, the fundamental aspects of his teachings, and a description of the future spiritual role of Manichaeism. Seddon creates an image of a great Christian initiate leading a movement with the critical task of transforming and ultimately redeeming evil.

C O N T E N T S:


1. Mani’s Life and Personality
2. The Cosmic Drama
3. Stages of Evolution
4. Redemption
5. Twelve Realms of Light
6. Fivefold Aspects
7. Manichaean Community Life
8. The Expansion and Contraction of Manichaeism
9. Mani’s Individuality
10. The Future Role of Manichaeans


About the Author

Richard Seddon studied moral sciences (philosophy, ethics, logic and psychology) with Bertrand Russell and John Wisdom—an advocate and colleague of Ludwig Wittgenstein—at Cambridge. He spent his working life as a personnel manager. A student of anthroposophy for seven decades, he is the author of several books.

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