MysTech Journal 4.1

MysTech Journal 4.1

Spring/Summer 2020

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In This Issue:

  • Hegelʼs Redemption of Logic |Daniel Perez
  • Defending Our Capacity for Attention and Empathy | Boyd Collins
  • Epistemology and the Ethers | Hugh Lovel
  • The Double Becomes Those Spidery Beings | Andrew Linnell
  • Social Media and Spiritual Science | Andrew Linnell

About the Authors

Daniel Perez has been a technologist since he was a teenager, at the dawn of the age of the personal computer. He has been programming since he was fifteen, while a student at Green Meadow Waldorf School, and later educated as an Electrical Engineer at the University of Rochester. From his own near-death-accident at sixteen came an impulse to bridge the gap between the world of technology and the needs of the spirit. His adult career has placed him in all areas of technology development, from space-based laser systems to video compression used for teleconferencing. He is currently a Principal Cloud Architect for a global video technology company, acting as chief technologist for a teacher training product. He is also on the boards of trustees for several non-profit organizations, including the Center for Anthroposophy. He met his wife at Green Meadow Waldorf High School and has a son and daughter, both graduates of High Mowing Waldorf School.

Boyd Collins was a software architect and trainer for a large multi-national corporations for 22  years. In the 1980’s, he joined the Cistercian Abbey of the Genesee in New York state where he explored spiritual practices with monks in the same order as the late Thomas Merton. After returning to civilian life, he obtained a degree in Library and Information Science and began an IT career creating web sites for universities and later became a web consultant for major IT consultancies such as SAIC and Accenture. During the Iraq War, he was an active anti-war blogger whose blog, “The Nonviolent Jesus” was widely read and continues to be referenced by anti-war activists. In 2011, after the war ended, he explored spiritual approaches to peace-making and began the serious study of Rudolf Steiner’s works. While gaining a solid grounding in the basic anthroposophical works, he focused particularly on Steiner’s lectures on spiritual evolution, finding in them an unparalleled source of insight into the forces behind the social and political events of our times. He has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for about five years. He retired to the Philippines in 2019 and has begun publishing extensively on spiritual topics, primarily in being human, New View, Medium and the MysTech Journal. His primary focus of study currently is on artificial intelligence, social media and the  effect of the internet on human spiritual growth.

Hugh Lovel is one who seeks to integrate quantum physics with agricultural practices, Hugh has always sought to understand life. First he studied mathematics and biochemistry, thinking this would unlock life’s mysteries, particularly the mind/body link. But in order to study life in vivo, in situ he shifted to psychology and biofeedback, finally investigating quality in agriculture in search of its links to human consciousness, feeling and volition. A hands-on musician, lithographer, mechanic, chef, carpenter, welder, and biodynamic farmer, Hugh founded Union Agricultural Institute near Blairsville, Georgia in 1978. In the process he discovered quality could only be achieved by reducing inputs and adjusting environmental patterns of energy to support a thriving biology and fertility. Author of A Biodynamic Farm and Quantum Agriculture, Hugh writes, teaches and consults for commercial growers as his commitment to an emerging economical, ecological and nutritionally dense agriculture as the basis for change in human physiology, consciousness and society.

Andrew Linnell is a 42 year veteran of the computer industry and a graduate of the University of Michigan (MSE ’73) and Emerson College, England (’79).  A member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1979, he is president of the Boston Branch, faculty member for the Village University of Concord, and member of the School for Spiritual Science. He has spoken to branches and libraries throughout the USA and abroad on various topics from Quantum Physics to Christian Mysticism to Art History.

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June 2020


Digital Publication


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