Nature Spirits and What They Say: Messages from Elemental and Nature Beings
Nature Spirits and What They Say
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Nature Spirits and What They Say

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Nature Spirits and What They Say: Messages from Elemental and Nature Beings

“I can perceive spiritual beings in my surroundings…. I can communicate with higher spirit beings of either an elemental or non-elemental kind, when they are willing. I can perceive the human aura, as well as certain areas of the astral plane…. I can see the aura of plants and animals. I can speak with the guardian beings of plants and animals, inasmuch as they’re interested” -Verena Staël von Holstein.

Verena has learned to see and speak to elemental and nature beings. What’s more, she is able to translate their language into human terminology and thought. In this remarkable book, seventeen nature spirits are interviewed through her, almost as if these beings were sitting in front of us. Through the conversations we learn what spirits of fire, air, water and stone have to say—as well as hearing from beings of glass, silver, salt, paper, and even spirits of our dwellings and homes! They speak about their work with nature and their regrettable lack of contact with human beings. They describe the secrets of the cosmos, and tell of humankind’s past and future. The nature beings have surprising views on the environment, on natural disasters, good and evil, love, and redemption. The interviews throw up beautiful, but sometimes disturbing insights into our world.

Nature Spirits and What They Say offers an enchanting view of the world of elemental beings—but it also calls on us to recognize the seriousness of the situations they describe. As Verena explains, humans owe a huge amount to nature spirits, and we need to discover new ways of approaching them with full consciousness. This valuable book gives us the means to do just that.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Wolfgang Weirauch
Preliminary Remarks by Verena Staël von Holstein
Living with Spirit Beings: Interview with Verena Staël von Holstein
Nature Spirits: Interview through the Mediation of Verena Staël von Holstein

1. Miller, the House Spirit
2. Echevit, the Watery One
3. Kapuvu, the Stone One
4. Vallinlyu, the Airy One
5. Eknaton, the Fiery One
6. The four Groups of Elemental Beings through the Year
7. The High One
8. The Paper Being
9. Evil
10. The Cycle of the Year and the Christian Fesivals
11. Kollii, the One from the Marsh
12. Moonlight, the Silver One
13. Little Glass Man
14. Kahine, the Salt Child
15. Harmonious Elemental Beings
16. The Relationship between Humans and Nature Spirits
17. Madeleine, Lady of the Pines
18. Oakbeena
19. Quadron
20. Knut, the Sandy One
21. Moonlight, the Silver One
22. The Paper Being
23. Kahine, the Salt Child
24. The Brown One
25. Gnunno, the Green One
26. Kapuvu, the Stone One
27. Eknaton, the Fiery One
28. Vallinlyu, the Airy One
29. Echevil, the Watery One
30. The Catastrophic Flooding
31. The High One
32. Miscellaneous
33. The Brown One
34. Gnunno, the Green One
35. Echevit, the Watery One
36. The High One
37. Kapuvu, the Stone One

My Abilities in Spiritual Perception, by Verena Staël von Holstein
Learning to Open Yourself to Nature: Interview with Friedrich Pfannenschmidt
Thematic Index

About the Author

Verena Staël von Holstein was born in Rendsburg, Germany, in 1959. She studied surveying and hydrography and worked as a computer programer and as a hydrographic surveyor. She is a homemaker with two children and lives at a watermill in Lüneburger Heide, a heathland region in northern Germany. A student of Rudolf Steiner’s work, from childhood on she has been able to perceive the etheric and astral realms in human beings and in the natural world. She has learned over many years to train her metaphysical perceptions so that communication with nature spirits takes place almost as a matter of course. She receives answers spiritually in the form of patterns, ideas, and sometimes images and translates them into human concepts. She is the author of several books, including Nature Spirits of the Trees and What They Want to Tell Us.

Wolfgang Weirauch was born 1953 in Flensburg and studied politics, German literature, followed by theological studies at the free university of the Christian community in Stuttgart. He publishes Flensburger Hefte, an anthroposophic journal on topical issues.

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