Spiritual Ecology
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Spiritual Ecology

Reading the Book of Nature and Reconnecting with the World

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Today we face increasing environmental challenges, from climate change and extreme weather patterns to deforestation, threats to animal species, and ongoing farming and food-supply crises. Virtually every day brings new alarming reports. How are we to respond, especially if we wish to take a broader, spiritual view of these events? – Steiner’s work is full of important, far-sighted perspectives on our relationship as human beings with the natural world. Indeed, his insights are more relevant today than they were in his time. Steiner offers us a new, conscious equilibrium with nature; we are not entitled simply to exploit the Earth, but neither should we view ourselves as devastating irritants on Earth’s surface. We are an integral part of the evolving natural world from which we arise. This world surrounds us, and we can rediscover ourselves within it, just as we can find all of nature transformed within us. – In the extracts compiled in this volume—presented with commentary and notes by Matthew Barton—Steiner discusses human perception, the Earth, water, plants, animals, insects, agriculture, and natural catastrophes. Spiritual Ecology offers a wealth of original thought and spiritual insight on the future of the Earth and humanity.

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Matthew Barton


May 2008




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