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Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School

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The mission of Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School is to provide programs in education and sustainable land stewardship that engage the hands, awaken the mind, and nurture connections between the earth and its inhabitants.

Sunfield offers educational programs for all phases of life that enliven understanding through activity, recognize connections, harmonize academics with artistic and social activity, and kindle wonder. Sunfield educators honor the individual spirit and recognize the developmental needs of each student they teach.

Our biodynamic farming principles are a model of sustainable agriculture. We strive to enrich and replenish the soils, nourish a diversity of crops and animals, and work to restore ecosystems to their natural state.

The fields, forest, and wetlands of Sunfield serve as a learning environment that demonstrates a healthy balance between nature and humanity and allows participants to serve as stewards of the land.

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