Faculty Meetings With Rudolf Steiner

1919-1922: Book 1

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Written 1924 (CW 27) – The Waldorf school movement has its roots in the chaotic period following World War I. Struggling to create the first school, Rudolf Steiner worked on every detail-lesson plans, religious education, school hours, course resources, administration, finance, and child study. Guiding the faculty, Steiner moved toward his goal of creating a vehicle for social transformation. – This first volume of two, spans from 1919 to 1922 and covers, meeting by meeting, the development of the first Waldorf School. Participating in a work in progress, Steiner deals with an amazing array of problems, frustrations, successes, and failures. His sleeves rolled up and his sight on a vision that he made a reality, Steiner lays the foundations of Waldorf education. This detailed look behind the scenes will interest not only teachers, but also parents, students, and anyone who wants to know how a successful worldwide school movement arose. – German source: Konferenzen mit den Lehren der Freien Waldorfschule 1919–1924 (GA 300a–c)

ISBN: 9780880104210

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