Biodynamic Agriculture (Vol.2)

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Biodynamic Agriculture: Introductory Lectures (Vol.2)

Alex Podolinsky demonstrates in this book, the third in a series, that there is so much happening in the vastness of nature – earthly and cosmic. All is in constant motion and interchange with each influencing all other myriad of activities. Steiner emphasized that when plants are sick, we should look at the soil. All problems arise from the soil. Podolinksy emphasizes that this is where biodynamic agriculture helps by building the soil health and structuring soil organisms.

About the Author

Alex Podolinsky was a travelling man. Born in a Ukrainian family, two world wars would take him through Switzerland, England and Germany only to end up in Australia, on the run from the Stalin regime. Down under, he dedicated his life to the virtues of a biodynamic agriculture that was deeply inspired by Rudolf Steiner, but revisited to suit the Australian conditions. He later travelled the world to share his knowledge and success story.

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