Love and the Evolution of Consciousness

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Love and the Evolution of Consciousness: A Study of the Transformation of the Human Soul, the Double, and the Spirit

“Love is ultimately the most meaningful of human experiences. In all its various forms, love leads us to the fulfillment of human existence. Love has the power to unite us with our true self, to unite us with the spiritual essence in others, and it has the power to carry us on wings of selflessness to unite with the Divine.”

In this compelling and meticulously crafted book, Karen Rivers expresses the imperative need of individuals to walk a path of inner development which can lead to an ever-growing capacity for selfless love. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg, the author presents insights and strategies to understand and transform the impure aspects of one’s self in order to cultivate heart thinking.

The author describes the complexities of the human soul and the ninefold double; examines the thought patterns, default feeling responses, and subconsciously driven reactions of the double; and discusses the dynamics of karma and the power of forgiveness as they relate to one’s path towards the embodiment of conscious love. The reader’s journey is further illuminated by stories of remarkable individuals who courageously and selflessly devoted their lives to the mission of love.

The book concludes with a meditation course for the cultivation of will forces and the transformation of the inner self.

About the Author

Karen L. Rivers, PhD, is co-founder of the Sophia Foundation of North America, founder of Chrysalis Productions (a transformational theater company for children and adults), and founder of the Rosamira Circle, “the Rose of Peace,” which seeks to awaken in people an understanding and respect for all faith traditions. In her courses, spiritual counseling, and ministry she integrates the interfaith commonalities of the world’s religions and the esoteric teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg. With the Sophia Foundation, Karen has jointly led pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world including Turkey, Palestine, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Greece. She is Director of the New Chartres Academy and a faculty member of The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies. Karen lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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