Seeking Spirit Vision
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Seeking Spirit Vision

Essays on Developing Imagination

$ 23.95

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“Seeking Spirit Vision, if you are willing to take it up and work with it, will change your life, as much perhaps as the most significant person you have ever met did. This book, if you wish, can become a lifetime friend” – A very wise friend.

“Perhaps only a jazz musician could match the improvisational ability shown in this writing. To improvise in this fashion, one must know a great deal, and then give up what is known and step out into the unknown, discovering what is there rather than imposing knowledge based upon previous information.” – Robert Sardello, PhD

This meditative book by Dennis Klocek provides a new approach to developing the capacities of our souls. Based in anthroposophy, Klocek’s thinking goes beyond what already exists to create a truly unique contribution that can heal the reader in profound ways. Working with the book, as Robert Sardello suggests in the foreword, will “lead to capacities of sustained concentration on and receptivity to the spiritual worlds.”


  • Foreword by Robert Sardello, PhD
  1. Imagination: Creativity or Innovation?
  2. Hypothesis, Apocalypse, Apotheosis
  3. The Abstract Predicament
  4. The Transformation of Sympathy
  5. The Black Madonna and the Mysteries of Dionysos
  6. From Image to Vision
  7. The Place of the North
  8. The World of Imagination
  9. From Dowsing to Divining
  10. The Development of the Heart Soul: A Modern Path
  11. Imagination: The Sacred Door
  12. The Great Tree
  13. Preparation for Meditation
  14. Contemplation
  15. The New Yoga
  16. The Alchemy of Goethe’s Fairy Tale
  17. Seeing the Double

About the Author

Dennis Klocek, MFA, has been an art teacher and is director of the Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College. He is a researcher of weather phenomena with a web site at, and he has created an institute for creating dialogue among those committed to social change (

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Robert Sardello, PhD, is cofounder (with Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, PhD, in 1992) of the School of Spiritual Psychology. At the University of Dallas, he served as chair of the Department of Psychology, head of the Institute of Philosophic Studies, and graduate dean. He is also cofounder and a faculty member of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, as well as author of more than 200 articles in scholarly journals and cultural publications, and is a former faculty member of the Chalice of Repose Project in Missoula, Montana. Having developed spiritual psychology based in archetypal psychology, phenomenology, and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner from more than thirty-five years of research in this discipline, as well as holding positions in two universities, Dr. Sardello is now an independent teacher and scholar, teaching all over the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., as well as the Czech Republic, the Philippines, and Australia. He is a consultant to many educational and cultural institutions and a dissertation adviser at numerous academic institutions. He is author of several books, including Facing the World with Soul; Love and the World; Freeing the Soul from Fear; The Power of Soul: Living the Twelve Virtues. and Silence.

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Robert Sardello




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