Sensible Physics Teaching

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Sensible Physics Teaching: For Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Teaching Physics through experiences is a hallmark of Waldorf education. Michael D’Aleo and Stephen Edelglass capture in this book a procedure and description of what “phenomenological science” is and how it can bring middle school students to a real life learning experience that will stimulate observation and wonder, not only conclusions. Conclusions that come arise from the actual experiences of scientific events, not from theories memorized. Step by step experiments offer teachers and parents living examples of how to approach science in this lively, real-life way. This book is a must for Waldorf class teachers and an added plus for other teachers and for parents, too! Explore the world of science through observation, sensory skill and experience by using this book as a guide.

Introduction to Sense Based Science
Sixth Grade Physics
  • Sound– Acoustics
  • Visual Experience – Optics
  • Warmth and Cold
  • Electricity and Magnetism
 Seventh Grade Physics
  • Warmth and Cold
  • Visual Experience – Optics
  • Electrical Phenomena
  • Mechanics
Eighth Grade Physics
  • Warmth – Thermal Physics
  • Visual Phenomena – Refraction
  • Hydraulics and Aero-Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism

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