Speech and Memory
Speech and Memory

Speech and Memory

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Speech and Memory: The Art of the Spoken Word – Therapeutic Aspects

Modern life has changed the way we increasingly think and rely on electronic “outside memory” devices (Google, for example) to store and recall information. This book proposes the use of therapeutic speech to heal recall and to strengthen our will to consciously remove dogmatic speech patterns, which diminish true memory.

Christa Slezak-Schindler provides clear instructions for breathing techniques, movements, and verses from Rudolf Steiner and others to help guide the reader toward the goal of broader consciousness and freedom.

This book is an English translation from German of Sprüche und Lautspiele als sprachpflegende Helfer (1996).

About the Author

Christa Slezak-Schindler (born September 10, 1926 in Kassel ) is a German speech artist, reciter, and speech therapist. After completing her studies in Dornach, Christa Slezak-Schindler worked as a speech artist at the Free Waldorf School at the Kräherwald in Stuttgart. She founded linguistic therapy, through which she developed Rudolf Steiner’s research in the humanities and the artistic linguistic activity of Marie Steiner-von Sivers into a general educational path. She is the author of fundamental publications on speech formation and its application in language education and speech therapy.

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