The Three Meetings

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The Three Meetings: Christ, Michael and Anthroposophia

“How can our souls unite with the etheric Christ, experienced in the etheric world since the end of the last century? What steps should we take, in the second century of the age of Michael, to unite with Him?”

At the center of human evolution stands the Mystery of Golgotha, through which the Christ impulse entered the earth. Anthroposophy, said Rudolf Steiner, was given at the beginning of the last century to prepare for the second major Christ event—the etheric Second Coming—beginning in 1933. This event is the portal that leads to the mighty and transformative current events in the etheric world, enabling us to meet the etheric Christ, Michael, and Anthroposophia.

At the heart of this book is an existential question. Early in his anthroposophic work, Ben-Aharon realized that meeting the etheric Christ without the light of spiritual science remains only a personal experience. Likewise, Anthroposophy is merely a body of erudition frozen in time if no new life forces flow from the etheric Christ. But they are interdependent. How can such a mutually enlivening bridge to be built?

Speaking candidly of his personal spiritual path and inner struggles of consciousness, Ben-Aharon tackles this fundamental dilemma as a prelude to the forthcoming, second edition of his book The New Experience of the Supersensible.

C O N T E N T S:

The Ur-Phenomena of the Modern Christ Experience
Paul’s Christ Experience and the Birth of Christian Platonism
The Michaelic Yoga
The Platonic-Aristotelian Essence Exchange at the End of the Twentieth Century
The Meeting with the Etheric Christ
The Abyss and the Event of the Threshold
The Knowledge Drama of the Second Coming
The Meeting with Michael
The Meeting with Anthroposophia

About the Author

Dr. Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon, spiritual scientist, philosopher and social activist, is founder of the anthroposophic community in Harduf, Israel, cofounder of the Global Network for Social Threefolding, director of Global Event College, and contributor to the School of Spiritual Science. He is the author of Cognitive YogaSpiritual Science in the 21st Century, The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth CenturyThe New Experience of the SupersensibleAmerica’s Global Responsibility, and The Event in Science, History, Philosophy, and Art.

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