Who Was Ita Wegman?, Vol. 2
Who Was Ita Wegman? (Vol.2)
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Who Was Ita Wegman? (Vol.2)

A Documentation (1925 - 1943)

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Dr. Wegman’s story continues as she leads the medical section of the anthroposophic movement after Rudolf Steiner’s death and the turbulent aftermath of WWI in Europe which led to the rise of the Nazis in 1933. Volume II includes Dr. Wegman’s own studies, remembrances by those who knew her, and publications dealing with the conflicts in the Anthroposophical Society up to 1935. In the face of great opposition, Ita Wegman took up the task of coordinating the activity of anthroposophic medicine and curative education.

About the Author

Johannes Emmanuel Zeylmans von Emmichoven (1926–2008) was born in The Hague. Through his family’s home in Johannes Schevening, where his father ran a clinic, he came into close contact with Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy as a child. In 1951, he launched the Castrum Peregrini (Amsterdam) magazine, which continues today. Years of work as a bookseller, editor, and publisher followed. In 1966, he was ordained a priest in The Christian community. He settled in Germany late in life. At the age of 75, he “discovered” Hungary through Hungarian translations of his works. He first visited Hungary in 2001 and returned three more times. He was became ill at Pentecost in 2003, in Budapest, where he continued to work on the fourth volume on Ita Wegman’s life until his death.

Matthew Barton is a translator, editor, teacher, and poet, and taught kindergarten for many years at the Bristol Waldorf School. His first collection of poems was Learning To Row (1999). He has won numerous prizes for his work, including an Arts Council Writer’s Award and a Hawthornden Fellowship.

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