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Turning: Words Heard from Within

The other side of sorrow is joy.
When you can raise your sorrow
above bitterness, above disappointment, above pain,
to the light—a birth occurs.
In heaven the angels rejoice.
Those who have died are fed.
On earth the very soil is made new.

Turning brings us messages of guidance, companionship, and comfort, heard intimately in the soul of a faithful listener over decades of inner experience. And more than that, it brings us to the courage of contacting the spirit directly, as it speaks within our own hearts. The spirit is near, and we need only turn toward it, ask from our hearts, and listen.

You are waiting for outer events
to determine the course of your inner life.
You’ve got it backwards.
Live from within, from your connection with me, outwards.
Then outer events will come TO you,
will surprise you in wonderful ways.

If you know someone who might benefit from some inspiring words, here is the perfect gift!

About the Author

Claire Howell Blatchford was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Connecticut. Owing to a case of mumps, she became deaf at the age of six. After attending regular schools and graduating from Bennington College, she studied at Gallaudet University, the Waldorf Institute for Liberal Education, and Teachers College. She has taught the deaf for many years. She now lives with her husband in northwestern Massachusetts and works at the Clarke School for the Deaf. Claire is the author of several books on being deaf, as well as her books on inner sight: Turning: Words Heard from Within (1994, 2001); Friend of My Heart: Meeting Christ in Everyday Life (1999); Becoming: A Call to Love (2004); and Experiences with the Dying and the Dead: Waking to Our Connections with Those Who Have Died (2007).

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